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Meeting later in life Kate and I knew from the start that there was no time to waste!

We are both 'can do, action people' so from the start we set out a list of the things that we wanted from our life together.

Primarily we knew that we wanted to be together, for as much of the time as possible! So we knew that we needed to find some way for us to work together in the future. Once that foundation was laid our list went something like this:


  1. To live by the sea!
  2. To live somewhere warm
  3. To live somewhere sunny & bright
  4. To live within easy reach of a large cosmopolitan City
  5. Not somewhere huge and faceless
  6. Not somewhere that would be dead in the winter months
  7. Somewhere with a sense of community
  8. Somewhere that the people were 'Can do'; enthusiastic; happy and welcoming
  9. Somewhere with a harbour (we both love to sit on the harbour wall)
  10. Somewhere with good access to open spaces and nature


So in 2013 we began a quest to find the place that best fitted these key components. Starting with a trawl of maps and the Internet, which led us to believe that we were probably looking at the South East of the country. 

This phase was then followed by some road trips in our camper van 'Edward'. Over two summers we made our way round the coastline of the South East from the east of Brighton right round to the north Kent coast. We explored places within five miles of the sea searching for that illusive feeling of 'coming home'. 

Throughout this whole time we continued to travel several times a year to Scotland to visit Kate's Dad (Tom) - who lived in a Care Home there.

It was on our visit to East Lothian in September 2014 as we sat on a bench on the harbour wall reviewing our progress that we had our light-bulb moment... We had searched the South East without really finding the feeling we were looking for... When the checklist we were using to measure each place by was a description of this lovely Scottish Town!! Well, if you take away 'warm' and possibly 'sunny'!!

Once we had recognised this our search for a town was over, and we set to work searching for a 'home'! 

In November 2014 on our next visit to see Tom we set up our own version of "Location Location Location" scheduling in 12 property viewings over four days! Flats; houses; in town; out of town; small ones; large ones! By the final day of our visit we had found our 'forever home'!!

She is a beautiful five bedroom house built in 1929... And given the way the Scottish system works she was ours just one week later!  

From the moment we took possession in March 2015 we have split our time between the our two homes until we decided that we could wait no longer to truly start our life together and we would use 2016 to 'Say YES' to anything that would help us get to live there full time... 

And the rest as they say is history!!

This blog is intended to be a place for us to share with you our progress. It's a way of keeping you up to date with our latest challenges; successes and lessons along the way as we move ourselves; our two dogs (Archie & Jenny); the cat (Tommy); my Mom and our two businesses up to Scotland! It is a story of Life, Love and Business all rolled into one! 

We hope you enjoy reading and pass the word to your friends! 








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