A Year Of Saying YES!

A Story of Life, Love and Business!

Stock-take and Lessons Learned

2016 all Jan 10, 2017

So that's it then... I have finally come to the end of my 'Year of Saying YES!'

It has been an interesting ride and even for a life long learner like myself it has been quite an eye opener at times!!

As you know the Year of Saying YES concept was bourne out of our need to 'step up a gear' to tackle the mountain ahead of us. We wanted to move ourselves, our businesses and my parents to our chosen new home in Scotland. 300 miles from our home for the last 50 years.

We knew when we started that this would be a year that would ask a lot of us both in order to deliver what at times felt like an impossibly hard end goal. But along side the things that we had anticipated also came the unexpected challenges and traumas - such as the illness and subsequent loss of my wonderful step-Dad (France) only days before our house move. Something that we are still coming to terms with everyday.

But we did it... and Kate and I have now been here for four months. For the time being Mom still splits her...

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Knowing When to Say "NO"

2016 all Dec 11, 2016

How has November been for you?

For me it has been a full on month. With 12 days working away from home and a further 5 days travelling, at times I've felt as if I don't really 'live' anywhere at the moment!

Generally, I'm the sort of person who doesn't like being away from home, so I must admit that there are times when I find this very hard. There have been more than a few days when I have had to remind myself of the greater purpose behind all this travel just to keep going! Luckily I have Kate by my side and when we are forced to be apart I always have the thought of coming home to my soul-mate to get me through!

Keep on Keeping On

When we started our 'Year of Saying YES' we recognised that we would never have everything in place perfectly to make such a complicated move seamless. We have strived to maintain realistic expectations and we have adapted in response to plan-changing moments as they have arisen. So when our move finally all fell in to place in August we could have been...

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A Month in Numbers

2016 all Nov 17, 2016

Welcome to yet another review of the month in our Year of Saying Yes!

In a month where we have had some of the most consistently sunny, and warm autumn weather in years, Kate and I have had a lovely introduction to our new life here in Scotland. September saw us reflecting on the journey that we had taken to get here, and laying the foundations to build upon. October has in effect been our first full month of working full time from our new chosen home in North Berwick... and what a month it has been!!

As I began to frame my post this month it became clear that it had been a month full of activity which seems to be best captured in numbers. So that's exactly what I’ve done!


2130 & 1572- The first two, and by far the largest numbers, 2130 and 1572 will not surprise those of you who regularly follow me on Facebook... it's miles travelled!! Infact looking back over my Facebook feed during September and October you must have thought that I had taken on the new role as a...

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A Life of Saying YES!

2016 all Oct 12, 2016

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

–  Barack Obama 


Many years ago I realised that I am one of those people that not only likes ‘change’ but actually needs change to survive! I need the excitement of learning new things in my life, preferably every day, but certainly every week. So the month of September, the first full month in our new home, in our new country and with my new business has been for me a month of great excitement! New places, new people, new routines… what could be better?!!

On the down-side the scale of the change happening all around us, coupled with our inbuilt need for quick results, has meant that we have found ourselves spinning many diverse plates at once, which can sometimes feel a little chaotic – which doesn’t make either of us ‘control freaks’...

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The Art of Making Dreams Come True

2016 all Sep 10, 2016


The force of human will, in opposition to fate or destiny, to affect the world.
A supernatural, divine force within every human being.

Always omnipresent. It empowers people to change the world in a positive, loving way. It is the energy that effects change in One’s own life.

e.g. “That inspirational speaker lifted me up so much with her ‘orenda’. She made me

feel that energy within myself to change the world for the better, through changing myself.”


Right, my head has finally stopped spinning long enough for me to sit down and write this guest post for Karen’s Year of Saying Yes blog. I asked Karen if I could write something some time ago (I was very vague about the content) because I thought it would be a great way of telling her how brilliant I think she is and of sharing how proud I am of her.

Apologies in advance for those of you who are slightly allergic to...

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Keeping Perspective and Knowing What Really Matters

2016 all Aug 06, 2016

It’s hard to know where to start with this month’s blog as it has been a month of extremes… Extremely good, over-shadowed greatly by the extremely sad! So, you will need to forgive me if this is a slightly different “Year of Saying Yes” post.

Let’s start with the ‘good’… This month has seen me do four fabulous coaching days with ‘Team Shaa’ (down at Canary Wharf and at The Barn in Kent); take on four new Coachee’s to help them deliver their plans over the next 6 months; deliver one Over-coming Resistance to Change Workshop for NHS colleagues in Birmingham and has also seen me start work on an extremely exciting piece of work with another large NHS project! If you add this to the fact that our house sale in the Midlands ‘seems’ to be progressing well (with a exchange ' completion date looking imminent - although I know it’s not over until the fat lady sings!) I should be on cloud nine!


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Happy Birthday Dad!

2016 all Jul 14, 2016

25 May 2016

Today is my birthday - 53 years of age!! Quite a scary number, when in my head I am still someone in my thirties!! (And I'm sure Kate would tell you that most of the time I have barely reached my teens!) But today would also be my Dad Trevor's birthday, if he were still here with us... He would be been 87 today!!

Because we shared a birthday it has never been a straight forward day for me and over recent years it has become a bit of a day of reflection. Not in a sad way, just taking stock - wondering what my Dad would be thinking about how I am doing.

Dad was not a straight forward man, and he had his flaws! He was a 'mad inventor'; a perfectionist, with high expectations of himself and others! But he was driven by a personal desire to do well, and to create his ultimate business. He was the entrepreneur of the family. Both he and my Mom started numerous successful businesses over the years, but the world was a very different place then!

So, as I have been busy working...

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Where it all began...

2016 all Jul 14, 2016

Fathers Day has once again set me thinking... 12 years now since my Dad has been gone, but I was reminded of him again last weekend when a friend used the expression ‘Jack of all trades: master of none’. This was a favourite expression of my Dads.

In our house being a ‘Jack of all trades’ was not necessarily seen as a bad thing… My father understood the value of having a wide range of skills and expertise, and the opportunities it could open up for you. Rather than you becoming stranded down one little path, he believed that you needed to be open to many different paths in order to succeed. He recognised early on in his life that having a breadth of knowledge and skills, far from being a draw-back, was actually a huge benefit. So I grew up believing that too.

It was only when I was older and ventured out into the world I began to realise that other people often used the phrase in a derogatory sense that I began to question it.

Hearing my friend...

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Don’t Let Anything (or anyone) Hold You Back from Your Dreams... This is your life

2016 all Jul 14, 2016

 Be Yourself with Passion & Skill·Monday, 11 July 2016


Even the most confident of us sometimes feel like we are lacking in some way that will keep us from achieving our dreams. The undermining ‘self-chatter’ in our heads; the unhelpful words from those closest to us often over power our own self-belief to such a degree that they render us unable to act. Unable to be our best selves... and yet underneath it all, you KNOW that you are better than this! You KNOW that you have something in you that you need to give, and that the world needs to receive.

Well I believe that the surest pathway to our achieving our dreams is in discovering our unique strengths, talents, and gifts, and putting them to work every day! It is here that our true personal (and financial) wealth resides.

Developing your unique strengths and talents will require hard work, but once you recognise your value that work will not be a hardship, because you will truly be doing the thing...

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What the Public Sector (or any organisation) Could Learn from Dior!

2016 all Jul 14, 2016

A Team Delivery Master Class – from the film “Dior And I”

Recently Kate asked if we could watch the film by Frederic Tcheng “Dior and I” and I found myself very happily saying ‘yes’. This got me to thinking. We saw the film for the first time about 12 months ago now, and I remember that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Strange on reflection, as those of you that know me would not necessarily think that it would be my type of film.

As we settled in to watch it I found myself once again absolutely loving it.

For those of you that haven’t seen the film – it gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Raf Simons’ first Haute Couture collection as the Artistic Director in 2012 for the House of Christian Dior. In itself then it is an interesting subject… but why did I enjoy it so much?

Well, as I continued to watch I realised that what I was seeing was my whole belief system about what makes a ‘great...

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