A Year Of Saying YES!

A Story of Life, Love and Business!

The Many Roles Of A Business Owner

2018 all Apr 19, 2018
As entrepreneurs and business owners we generally start our own businesses because we want to be self-determined and earn our living doing the thing that we love best.
Once we have embraced the idea that we could own our own business, we begin to think about what it is that we could do. Ultimately, picking the brightest of our ‘shiny ideas’ to move forward with.
At this stage we begin to do the maths to a level of detail that encourages us that this is ‘the one’ and then finally we may, if lucky, have some time and some money to invest in getting some basic ‘Start-up’ advice.
It is at this point that we may already be involving ourselves in what I call ‘just-in-Case-Learning’. Often this learning is focused on bolstering our skills and qualifications around our chosen subject - but not around our increasing our ‘business skills / acumen’.
Eventually, we break the cycle of...
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2018 all Mar 10, 2018

We have all heard ourselves saying this at one time or another:

'Someday I will travel the world;
Someday I will write that book;
Someday I will be my own boss...'

Whatever! Yeah 'someday'!

At my Bootcamps last year I had the privilege of working with a rooms full of super-bright local business people. People with established businesses; people with new ventures and people with ideas about what they want to do In order to take control of their lives.

Many people who attend my Bootcamps are searching for the tools and tips necessary to take them and their businesses to the next level; many are searching for a community of like-minded people to support them on their journey and many more are searching for the confidence to take their next steps into the unknown.

Whatever their reasons they all have one thing in common - they have decided to take action. To take action now!

They have bravely stepped out of their comfort zone in order to banish the word 'Someday' from their vocabulary...

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Our Customers Are The Reason We Are In Business

2018 all Feb 27, 2018

Look after your Customer’s and your

Customer’s will look after You!


As a Business Growth Coach I often work with small business owners who are working every hour to keep their business going; striving to find more customers; to earn enough to pay the bills. Sometimes it feels like there is no end to the struggle and their ‘why’ for being in business is being sorely tested.

I meet people at networking meetings who are striving to take their next few steps forward, to reach that point where customers come to them, rather than this constant quest that they are currently on, and they ask me how they can change things.

My answer is always the same - Start at the beginning.

Remind yourself about your ‘Why’. Your ‘why’ for you and your ‘why’ for your Customer.

Are you doing what you should be doing?

Is your business rooted in helping you Customer to achieve their goals?

The truth is your Customer should be the...

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2017 all Dec 15, 2017

Momentum creates motivation. Motivation creates opportunity and opportunity creates results.

Momentum is a key element of achieving success no matter what you are doing.

When you have momentum in business, everything seems to roll forward, stuff gets done, things happen, and extraordinary results are produced. That is how it works and that is why every entrepreneur needs to learn to create momentum in their business.

The two keys to momentum ­ achieving it, and maintaining it.

Achieving momentum starts with creating forward progress. Getting started is the most difficult part. It’s like the law of inertia says: an object in motion tends to stay in motion, and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.

So we have to move past our fears and the temptation to procrastinate; forget all thoughts of perfectionism (which may cause us to delay) and simply start!! Reviewing and tweaking as we go to learn and improve and perfect our service/product over time.

If you want to create...

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Scaling-up for Success

2017 all Dec 04, 2017

So, that’s it we've finally crossed the line into the last month of the year!

It’s time to look back and review how many of our goals we’ve achieved in 2017 and begin to firm up our Plans for 2018.

I love this time of year! Well, as a ‘woman with a Plan’ I would wouldn’t I?!

It’s exciting! Both to be able to celebrate how far we have come in the last year and also because of the anticipation of the brilliant things we have planned for the year ahead.

In small businesses in particular these review points are essential - not just at the end of the year but at key stages throughout the year.

The problem with small businesses is just that - we are SMALL! So, we have Small Business Syndrome!

  • We need to earn money (quickly and consistently)
  • We have a limited start-up budget
  • We don’t usually have staff
  • Our time is very limited (often trading our time for money)
  • Often our sales funnel is completely un-developed
  • We struggle to find Work Life...
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No Action - No Results!

2017 all Nov 27, 2017

As I work with people helping them to move their businesses forward one of the things that I hear most is that there just "isn’t enough time to get everything done".

I was thinking about this and I wondered just how much of life we all spend deliberating (overthinking); debating (second guessing), and delaying (doing the interesting rather than the Important!).

One thing that I know for sure is without taking ACTION you won’t get anywhere…

So my question for you this week is:

How much better would things feel if you took the action you’ve been avoiding?

It often seems pointless to me to write about ’taking action’ because we all already know we need to take action don’t we?

And yet we spend huge portions of our lives in frustrated rationalisation and pussy-footing our way around the things that we know would be best for our lives.

We hope that our delaying will lead to some sort of divine intervention to give us a guarantee of success so...

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Is This Really Who I Am?

2017 all Nov 18, 2017

I was reminded this weekend of the time when I first found myself really having to reflect on my personal values, and making a decision about my future based purely on my principles.

It was over 32 years ago and yet I remember it as if it was yesterday.
I was a young Sales Executive in my first sales role, for a well-known national company. At the time they used a scripted sales system called ‘Pendle’ - which literally saw the Sales people following a detailed script with customers, which guided them through a tightly controlled process lead by our Sales Manager… with me as the middle-man.

One Saturday I found myself selling to a lovely mother and daughter. The process of the ‘sell’ was systematic and it took quite a long while to complete. It involved a lot of two-ing and fro-ing from me between the customers and my Manager, negotiating a price that we could all agree on.

Finally by 19:30 we concluded the process… it had been hard to get to a...

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The Art of Transitioning

2017 all Nov 10, 2017

In my coaching business I work with many people who are embarking on, or in the process of a major transition in their lives - whether it be in their work life or home life.

The act of deciding to make massive change in ones life takes enormous courage, and single-mindedness and potentially sets you apart from the vast majority of the population who find it impossible to follow their dreams.

As many of you know I have been through a process of considerable change over recent years and that transition has been far from easy. So it got me to thinking about what it takes to make it through and transition for where you are now to where you want to be, and what I had found one of the biggest issues?

The dictionary definition of Transition is:


"the process or a period of changing from

one state or condition to another"


It sounds so simple!

You have a clear Vision for what comes next; you make a decision to do that / be that / go there; you make your plans; you follow...

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Be Curious!

2017 all Nov 05, 2017

There’s a word (Shoshin) in Buddhism, which means ‘Beginners mind’. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would.

I’m reminded of this notion every time we run a new event; launch a new product or deliver a new training.

For instance, following a a new workshop or bootcamp - one of the first things we do the next day is write up all the feedback forms and reflect on how we (and you) think it went.

Whilst we definitely allow ourselves time to be grateful for the amazing comments and pleased that we’ve provided value, we also seriously stop and ask ourselves a series of questions:

  • Could we have delivered this any better?
  • Was the content right?
  • Were there attendees who we think perhaps didn’t quite get what they needed from the day?

We try to do this in a way that is kind to ourselves. We use a sort of...

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The Case for Just-in-Time Learning

2017 all Sep 03, 2017

I grew up in an environment framed by my father, Trevor, who had a very clear sense of how things (and I mean everything) should be done.

He was very rigorous and he expected us to be equally as fastidious. He lived by two particular phrases:

“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’

quickly followed by:

“Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

Over the years these phrases have found a permanent place in my psyche and go someway to explaining the perfectionist in me.

Over the last few years though, as the speed of everything we do (in life and in business) continues to increase I have been more aware of how phrases such as these can sometimes fuel one of our biggest enemies - Procrastination. What do I mean?

As I have learned since starting my newest business coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners four years ago there are a complex set of factors (both internal and external) that combine to slow down our progress.

One thing...

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