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2018 all Sep 07, 2018

So we've crossed over into September - it's officially the start of autumn!

It's a time of year that I love, when I review my original plans for the year and assess what has been achieved and what else I think I can realistically complete in the four months of the year that are left to me.

But recently I have also spent time revisiting some of the basics about my business.

Some of you will know that we are about to do a national launch of our Membership Business Club, and as part of this process we have engaged the services of a top online marketer. One of the first things that we had to do was to have a conversation to brief him about some of the most basic things about our business:

 What is our Vision for the business and its future growth 
 Who is our Ideal Customer Avatar 
 What are our key Messages (based on our customers Pain Points)

These are some of the most fundamental questions for any business and should be the easiest things to answer.

At the start of our business we spend time defining the answers to these questions but then often launch into the thick of trying to find our customers, delivery our products and services and fail to revisit them. Over time our original assumptions may turn out not to be as accurate as we had envisaged or our client groups might change as we tweak our offerings to reflect what is working for us and what isn't.

What we found was that it was really very useful to have to revisit some of the basics. In many instances things had moved on without us ever integrating these change into our overall plans.

This proved to be a very useful and rewarding exercise, to make sure that we remained on top of our business rather than letting it get on top of us.

The exercise has prompted us to carry out a complete MOT of our business over that last four weeks.

In addition to the three areas above we have carried out a SWOT Analysis (reviewing our Strengths; Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) which has included looking in detail at our:

 Marketing & Promotion
 Lead Generation Strategy
 Products and Events
 Progress on our Digital Products

So as we enter the last phase of 2018 take time to review the basics in your business. No matter how on top of things you think you are you will find that you can learn a lot from revisiting these fundamental building blocks of your business.

Until next week,


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