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2018 all Jul 05, 2018
Over the last few weeks many of you have talked with me about feeling overwhelmed and so last week I asked you to think about all of the roles you cover in your business and consider the areas where you should now be thinking about looking for help.
In this holiday period I thought it was worth us focusing just a little time on taking this a step further - simplifying our lives (at home and work).
Over time, without ever trying to, things can become quite complicated.
In our rush to keep moving forward we often look at each issue in front of us in isolation, rather than looking at things in the context of the big picture. We find a solution for today rather than for the longterm.
We all do it, even me whose work has revolved around ‘getting things done and making complex things simple’. Suddenly we look back at parts of our lives and businesses and wonder how they became so complicated! Over time it just happens.
So, that’s why this week may be the perfect time to consider how we might SIMPLIFY things.
For Kate and I, as we move into the second year of our new business, our focus is on scaling our business and moving from ‘Good to Great’. A significant part of the process to do that is to ensure that we simplify our business model; streamline our processes and optimise our use of automation.
What do you need to do to simplify your life/business?
There are really only two steps to simplifying:
1. Identify what’s most important to you (or your business)
2. Eliminate everything else!
As ever it all begins with your ‘WHY’.
- What are the most important things to you (or your business)? - What do you value most? - What 5 things do you most want to do with your life/business?
Simplifying starts with these 5 things as your priorities.
Now evaluate your life / business in relation to achieving the things that are most important to you:
1. Evaluate your commitments
2. Evaluate your products / services
3. Evaluate your use of time
4. Evaluate your environment
5. Evaluate your financial arrangements
Simplify wherever you can to help you focus on your Why!
If you truly want to Multiply your success you must SIMPLIFY!
Karen x
If you’re ready to take the next step with your business and want to work smarter not harder - Message me and we can arrange a FREE strategy call to help you get the Clarity you need and create a realistic Plan of Action to achieve your Goals.
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