Are You Stuck in the Confidence Interval

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I was recently asked to speak at a local event, and as I thought about what would be most useful for me to talk about I revisited what had been shared in advance about the session.
Part of my standard biog and introduction says:

“Anything is possible if you put your mind to it”

As I thought about this statement I reflected on how confident (almost brash) it sounded and it started me thinking about self confidence and where it comes from, and how it has developed.
It’s not unreasonable to think that a good deal of my confidence came from my up bringing. My Mom and particularly my Day brought me up to believe that there was nothing I could not do in life.
My father displayed this mindset himself right until the day he died - leaving behind a large number of affirmations written in his own hand including this one which had become a key part of my story:

“I have the Power to overcome and Difficulty I may encounter and to make my Life what I want it to be”

I know not everyone has experienced this, and that I am lucky.
In my work with small businesses I focus on three fundamental pillars for success (in business and in life): Clarity; Confidence and Momentum.
Most businesses fail to succeed because of a lack of one (or more) of these. Or quite often fail to even ‘start’ because of a lack of one of these. Far from being three separate things they are in fact inextricably linked.
The Clarity to which I refer is about Yourself and your Why; clarity about your Ideal Customer and your Messages; and clarity about your Value and your Services. Clarity helps you to make better decisions, faster.
Momentum is only achieved by getting Focus; by holding yourself to Account and by taking Massive Action (90 Days of Massive Action if you’re working with me!).
But without Confidence you can never achieve your full potential, for you or your business.
Building your Confidence requires awareness and understanding; of yourself and about what confidence really is. You need to find your support network and tools and to develop your own strategy for building and maintaining your confidence. But most of all it really is an 'inside job’ - only you can lead the way.


In my work in the NHS and Public Sector much of our planning of healthcare services and finances involves us working with statistics and confidence intervals is an integral part of that. Confidence Intervals are a way for us to measure risk, checking the likelihood of our working assumptions being correct or not.
What struck me the other day was that in my work with small businesses it seems that I am still working with ‘confidence intervals’. The difference is that in this case I am referring to a far more literal ‘interval’ between having an idea and plucking up the confidence to actually taking action!
This is the interval where our fears and self-doubt (imposter syndrome etc.) get the better of us and we cling to our comfort zone, afraid to over-stretch ourselves.
In my conversations with many of my coaching students they are frustrated about their apparent inertia, but don’t know what to do to change things. It's common for them to feel that they can’t take action until they feel confident.
This thinking however, is fundamentally flawed.
You need to first take action in order to gain confidence. Not the other way around. It’s the forward movement; the achievement; the momentum that gives you the confidence.
We watch others and we marvel at how successful and confident they are. We imagine that they never have moments of doubt; and imagine that they are always super confident about everything.
But we are only seeing what they want us to see. Underneath it all more often than not they will have their own demons and insecurities that they have learned to deal with. You see their confidence comes not from a belief that they are always right but from the fact that they do not fear being wrong.
As an entrepreneur, in order to be successful, you will need to be able to keep stretching yourself; keep testing and pushing, so if you want to grow reach your true potential and grow your business, you will need to ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable’.
As one of my fellow coaches would put it sometimes we need to ‘get over ourselves, and get out of our own way’. One of my Mentors (Taki Moore) says when you are nervous you should fix it with service! Stop thinking about yourself and how you feel and think about your customer and how you can help them.
So confidence really is ‘an inside job'. Your success is really in your own hands. The more clarity that you get, the easier it will be for you to start to move forward and build momentum. The more momentum you build the more success you will experience; the more success you experience the confident you will become.
Clarity, Confidence and Momentum hold the key, but only you can start the ball rolling.

“You don’t have to be Great to Start - BUT You do have to Start to be Great”!

So, the question really is:
How long is your ‘Confidence Interval’?
Is it time for your to get Clarity and start to build Momentum? Because it’s only when you do that you will build your confidence.
Until next week,
Karen x
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