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Time To Take Stock...

2018 all Sep 07, 2018

So we've crossed over into September - it's officially the start of autumn!

It's a time of year that I love, when I review my original plans for the year and assess what has been achieved and what else I think I can realistically complete in the four months of the year that are left to me.

But recently I have also spent time revisiting some of the basics about my business.

Some of you will know that we are about to do a national launch of our Membership Business Club, and as part of this process we have engaged the services of a top online marketer. One of the first things that we had to do was to have a conversation to brief him about some of the most basic things about our business:

 What is our Vision for the business and its future growth 
 Who is our Ideal Customer Avatar 
 What are our key Messages (based on our customers Pain Points)

These are some of the most fundamental questions for any business and should be the easiest things to answer.

At the...

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Are You At A Tipping Point?

2018 all Sep 01, 2018
Over the last couple of weeks I have heard from a few business owners who have, as they described themselves, had to ‘bite the bullet’ and go back to work either full time or part time in a traditional ‘job-job’.
The recognised summer months ‘lull' has proved to be one thing too many for them to be able to contend with and the understandable need for more consistent income has come to the fore and forced them to reassess the potential viability of their business and decide that (for now at least) that the numbers just don’t stack up.
Times like these in business are recognised as ‘Tipping Points’. These are the make or break moments in time when you are at the threshold of something - good or bad. Perhaps not earning enough this month to pay the bills, or conversely finding that suddenly people have fallen in love with your product or service and business growth is beginning to boom.
We’ve all heard the...
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Growth by Design NOT by Accident

2018 all Aug 20, 2018

"Nothing in life or business ever stays the same"

If you or your business isn’t evolving, innovating, growing, or reinventing you are in danger of failing.
Change is the one true constant and it’s all around us and it can come in many forms. Merely acknowledging the need for change is not sufficient to provide for successful business outcomes. We all need to be deliberate about the growth of our business if we truly want to succeed. That means having defined systems and processes in place to effectively plan and manage our growth.
The global business landscape is littered with the remains of organisations that rose to great heights (some over many, many years) only to have their fortunes plummet because they were unable to transform themselves as times changed.
Big High Street names such as Woolworths and Blockbuster Video failed to adapt their business models to the advent of new mega shopping malls; big-box retailers and the rise of digital media...
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Is Your Business Model Holding You Back?

2018 all Aug 20, 2018
When we first set out on our own, all we really want to do is get paid for doing work that we love.
We want to use our skills and see what we can create with them to help people. We want to carve out a better life for ourselves and our family; have more freedom; happiness and fulfilment.
We have a Vision for our business that feels ambitious but achievable. To be honest, for most of us, we start off hoping that we can replicate the wage we earned in our old employed 'job-job’ (or our last contract). We dare to hope that if things go well we can earn a little more perhaps.
Sound familiar?
Then after a slow (but steady) start things begin to take off... suddenly you have so much to do! The work is coming in, and you certainly don't want to turn it away, but your dream of having a less stressed, better life, with more time for family and friends begins to seem as far away as ever!
Then one day you wake up and you feel like you’re dreading going...
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Mobilise Your Greatest Asset

2018 all Aug 03, 2018

Way back in December 2015 I wrote my first ever Blog. 

It was in the gap between Christmas an New Year and Kate and I were busy thinking about how we were finally going to make our full time move to live in our dream home in Scotland. 

We'd had the house for 18 months by then and had been leading a split life between England and Scotland, which was gradually becoming more exhausting and was doing nothing towards helping us achieve the goal of the full time move. 

We decided on a strategy that I had used many times with organisations that I worked with - the notion of doing 'A Year of Saying YES!' In our case this meant a year where we would consider every opportunity that came our way through the prism of how much it would help us to move to Scotland full time. A key part of this strategy is that you need to hold yourself to account by spreading the word as far as you can and by doing so enlisting the help and support of others. And so, my Blog 'A Year of Saying...

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Are You Stuck in the Confidence Interval

2018 all Aug 03, 2018
I was recently asked to speak at a local event, and as I thought about what would be most useful for me to talk about I revisited what had been shared in advance about the session.
Part of my standard biog and introduction says:

“Anything is possible if you put your mind to it”

As I thought about this statement I reflected on how confident (almost brash) it sounded and it started me thinking about self confidence and where it comes from, and how it has developed.
It’s not unreasonable to think that a good deal of my confidence came from my up bringing. My Mom and particularly my Day brought me up to believe that there was nothing I could not do in life.
My father displayed this mindset himself right until the day he died - leaving behind a large number of affirmations written in his own hand including this one which had become a key part of my story:

“I have the Power to overcome and Difficulty I may encounter and to make my Life what I...

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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

2018 all Jul 11, 2018
Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Comparison is the thief of joy” and in my work as a Business Coach I can quite understand what he meant.
I see many new businesses under-mining their success by continually comparing themselves to others. So much so that it minimises their ability to celebrate their own successes.
When starting our businesses it is right that we should research our competitors and even 'forensically review' what they do; what they charge; what is working well for them and what is not hitting the mark for their customers (potentially our customers)!
This sort of comparison gives us parameters to work within and helps us to frame our own offerings to attract those customers to our business. It gives us a picture of what type of business model we should use to be most successful. It can keep you regularly up to speed with competitor and customer trends; and can act as a great way to be able to see what you potential audience needs from you...
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Simplify to Multiply

2018 all Jul 05, 2018
Over the last few weeks many of you have talked with me about feeling overwhelmed and so last week I asked you to think about all of the roles you cover in your business and consider the areas where you should now be thinking about looking for help.
In this holiday period I thought it was worth us focusing just a little time on taking this a step further - simplifying our lives (at home and work).
Over time, without ever trying to, things can become quite complicated.
In our rush to keep moving forward we often look at each issue in front of us in isolation, rather than looking at things in the context of the big picture. We find a solution for today rather than for the longterm.
We all do it, even me whose work has revolved around ‘getting things done and making complex things simple’. Suddenly we look back at parts of our lives and businesses and wonder how they became so complicated! Over time it just happens.
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Relax - Recharge - Reboot

2018 all Jul 02, 2018

The Time To Relax Is When You Don’t Have Time For It

Sydney J Harris

It’s official - we’ve just passed the half way mark of 2018!

If you are anything like me you find yourself asking - Where on earth did those first six months of the year go?

It’s the time of year when most of us get that feeling of 'not having done enough' begins to rear its head, and we start to question how we can ‘get back on track’ and ‘achieve more’ in the remains of the year. Ironic then that is also coincides with the start of the holiday season! A time when our minds should be focusing on doing a little less (even if for short while).

The schools are out (here in Scotland at least) and the expectations of our families and friends is that we will be able to spend more time enjoying the summer with them! And so begins the dilemma of every business owner - how can I stay on track AND do less?

When you are starting a new business, or in the midst of scaling your...

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Breaking Free From The ‘Self-Employed' Mindset

2018 all Apr 30, 2018
No one is going to be surprised to see me write that Mindset is really important for business owners.
We touched on Mindset in my Business Club back in January when we looked at our Self-limiting Beliefs and our Money Mindset two things which have a significant impact of your business success.
I know we have Members in the Business Club and in the Collective who have a very pro-active approach to Mindset matters and we have Members who teach Mindset techniques to others, providing inspirational events and trainings.
My personal take on Mindset in business is a little bit more prosaic than many may expect.
Don’t get me wrong, Mindset features in all of my Programmes, but I will always link working on your Mindset to the achievement of some very tangible outcomes.
I am not what you would call a 'theoretical Mindset Coach’. For me it is all about the application - so I consider myself to be an ‘applied Mindset Coach’...
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